Our Philosophy

Yolanda's Kids Corner takes a holistic approach to early childhood education. At the core of our philosophy, we believe that each child is unique and therefore deserves individual attention and care. Because of their innate curiosity, it is up to us at Yolanda's Kids Corner to develop suitable activities based on our observations of each child.

Our curriculum reflects this comprehensive and highly individualized approach. Kids are divided into different groups during one part of the day in an effort to provide them with developmentally appropriate activities. At other times, children of all ages play together in order to learn from one another - the younger ones as learners and the older as role models. 

In addition to the basic skills required for a lifetime of learning, Yolanda's Kids Corner imparts values such as creativity, self-reliance, compassion and respect for diversity. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential for us to work closely with you, the parents, to provide the best possible situation for your children.

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"At the core of our philosophy, we believe that each child is unique and therefore deserves individual attention and care"

                                                                       - Our Philosophy

Developmentally Appropriate Classrooms

We are advocates of your child's continued success beyond their experiences at Yolanda's Kids Corner. In order to foster the appropriate skills, we ensure that classrooms are equipped with the appropriate resources.


Parent Involvement

We invite parents to join ​regular meetings where we discuss the overall development of our students. The progress of your child can be discussed in scheduled one-on-one meetings. We value parental involvement and invite parents to help plan and execute special projects, fields tips, and other activities.

Friendly and Safe Involvement

Because your child means everything to us, we ensure that all interactions are safe and friendly.

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