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Employment Opportunties

Join Our Early Learners Team!

Essential Functions:

  • Develop weekly lesson plans aligned with PA State standards.

  • Meet individual needs of the children through screening and evaluation tools provided.

  • Maintain parent communication with all families.

  • Participate in staff and training meetings.

  • Attend professional development opportunities necessary for quality improvement.

  • Design an appropriate room arrangement to support the goals and developmental level of the children in the classroom.

  • Interact with children to support play, exploration, and learning.

  • Presenting expectation that are appropriate to the child's age and developmental level.

  • Plan and implement activities that develop self-esteem and social skills.

  • Communicate appropriately and professionally with parents and fellow staff.

  • Build and maintain teamwork with all essential staff.

  • Prepare arts and crafts for children on a daily basis.

  • Maintain an organized, clean, and safe classroom.

  • Sanitize and disinfect furniture in classroom weekly.

  • Appropriately record important daily observations for developmental portfolios administered quarterly. 

  • Participate in parent-teacher conferences annually.

Position Requirements:

  • Advanced degree in ECE preferred

  • At least 1 year classroom experience required; 2-3 years experience preferred.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

  • Scheduling flexibility.

  • Demonstrated conflict resolution experience.

School Age and  Floater Applicants Only ( 1:00pm - 5:30pm ) Starting $13.00

  • High School Diploma Required

PHL Preschool Lead Teacher Applicants Only ( 8:00 am - 4:00) Starting $ 16.00- $18.00

  • A.A. or B.A. in Early Childhood Education or related fields required

  • Related Fields Include : Child and Family Studies, Education, Human Development, Human Services, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Social Works, Special Education 

PHL Preschool Assistant Teacher Applicants Only ( 8:15am - 4:00 ) Starting $13.00- $15.00 

  • CDA Required

Interested in Applying? Apply Here 

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Qualified applicants should email a cover letter, applications, and resume to

Job Type: Full-Time/Part-Time

Schedule: Monday - Friday up to 35-37hrs/week

Salary: $13.00/hr. to $20.00/hr.

Call Today for More Information!

(215) 324-3929 OR (215) 455-3214

Girl with Acrylic Paints

Heather, E

Working at yolandaskidscorner has been a wonderful learning experience for me. The company owners are educated strong women who really show caring compassion and understand for not only the families they service but their staff as well. I have learned so much about PHL PreK over the past 3 years I have worked for the company. The owners show appreciation and respect for the tasks the teacher handle everyday. Yolanda’s Kids Corner Childcare is a enjoyable company to work for and I look forward to the new school year and new challengers to come

Lena S

Yolanda’s kids corner is a great center to be at not only the children have fun but it’s a very educational center, I love that each child will learn and grow each day at the center .the children learn the Continents days of the week and months what five year old knows that they are seven continents?( Yolanda corner does) The staff here are amazing they always have a helping hand and are a very Reliable center very clean and organize.

Dominique, E

I have Been working at Yolandas Kids Corner for 10 yrs now as Full-time Director and I have personally witness this program grow in size, quality, and services. The owner is very involved in the classroom and education of the students. The center provides quality care not just by titles but really ensuring that students are learning and working with parents to understand the importance of Prek. The Classrooms are always very clean and materials are giving and purchase by facility to keep classroom friendly and season ready. Although the facility is a smaller site than most the education and safety of the center is TOP TIER!!

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